Monday, January 14, 2008

Washing My Sisterlocks

I dreaded washing my hair every week, so when my consultant told me that I would not be able to wash my hair for approx. 6 weeks I wanted to jump for joy. I do not suffer from from dry scalp, dandruff or buildup. Honestly the only thing I use on my sisterlocks is water with a few drop of tea tree oil ( 1 liter of water with, 6 drops of tea tree oil). This is a great concoction for me because it moisturize my hair with out creating buildup. Life tends to go in spurts for me, sometimes I am extra busy and other times I am bored to tears. Instead of washing my hair @ 6 weeks I actually waited 8 weeks. I banded my hair (see pics) and washed it with the sisterlock starter shampoo. After the hair was washed I rolled it on some small perm rollers and the results was kinky curling looking twist (see pics) I was okay with it. I know that I do not have many styling options at this point so I am just letting my hair do what it do. There are still a few straight ends but that is to be expected. Next week I go in for a retight and boy don't I need it as y0u can see the hair is slowly starting to fill and as that happens retights are mandatory. I can not say that I have regretted my decision to sisterlock, I still love them and I love spending 15 minutes on my hair, I love letting the soft rain drops drench my locks, and most of all my man loves it too!


SistaLocd said...

Congrats on your new Sisterlocks! The curls look really nice. YOu did a good job on your First Wash!

Khandi said...

The curls look great. I have soft hair so i have to be careful with my styling. My consultant told me not to do anything til 6 months. But i was naughty and did bantu knots and pipe cleaners.
Can't wait to see updates

DJT said...

Welcome Home to SL's. I look forward to watching your journey.

Amina said...

Congrats! The curls are cute! What made you move to StL in the first place? It's my hometown! I had to get away from there though. I needed a change. Looking forward to reading more of your journey.